What Do You Do With Madness?


There is no place to turn.

I am up against a brick wall; A raging lion is about ready to come out of his cage and eat me up. 

My body feels like a truck just ran over it.

My mind is racing like a time bomb that is ready to go off.

I am running like a bull charging out of the pasture. 



Accomplishing A Goal

I have to climb a very high mountain

It is a long way up to the top

It will take a decade to get there

Do you think that I will make it?

Of course I will! Patience is a virtue

Oh, yes it is. Oh, yes it is. 

Oh, yes it is.

I am doing it

There are a couple of rough spots that feel as rough as a sharp razor blade

Some areas are as bumpy as a hump on a camel's back

Climbing a mountain is like stepping up a ladder

When this mission is completed, I will feel that I accomplished something that I wanted to do

I am at the top and I am feeling very proud

I am feeling on top of the world


Photo by of Maria Aparicio Puentes