Pathways 2015 Summer Youth Program brought a diverse group of blind and visually impaired youth from all over Chicagoland. Students began by meeting the Pathways staff, reuniting with friends from previous summers, as well as meeting new friends. They traveled all over Chicago for plays, nature hikes, Judo, visual art projects, smell & sound art projects, yoga, triathlon, sailing, bowling, conflict resolution skills and more!

Once a week, they worked with a performing arts teacher to sing, dance, and act at the Chicago Cultural Center. Twice a week they practiced daily living skills, like cooking, cleaning, and budgeting. The wonderful Pathways staff works to give lifelong skills to advance and better each young person. In addition, special guests have stopped by to share their stories of life with a visual impairment and spend time with the Pathways students.

Everyone who crosses paths with Pathways comes away impressed and encouraged by these fine young men and women!

    What did the students say about Pathways 2015?

    “I think everyone should come here to learn kitchen skills.”

    “My favorite things were the triathlon and sailing!”

    “I liked the singing.”

    “I made some good friends this summer!.”

    “You should come to learn skills from the teacher.”

    “I really liked the free food!”

    “It’s a good way to get out of the house and have fun in the summer!”

Contact Blind Service Association to sign-up for Pathways next summer. You will not want to miss out on a summer of fun and friends!


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