Ron Kirkpatrick & Helen Maria Nugent




Founder: Helen Maria Nugent

Number: 773 267 9149 

October 13, 2012


What Haelo Design Is About

  • Comprehensive
  • Original and poetic designs
  • Creative research
  • Finely tuned aesthetic
  • In-depth material exploration
  • Ecological awareness



Tactile Tiles (the Art Institute Of Chicago)    

  • 10 Tactile Reproductions  
  • Cast Plastic
  • Assorted Bright Colors
  • 11” x 8.5” and ¼” thick


Per Our Conversation…

How long did it take to create the tactile kits?

The Art Institute Of Chicago had a loose idea of what it wanted and how it should feel. From there we brainstormed at several practical design solutions such as incorporating technology. We also researched other museum programs and looked at how those with visual impairments compensate when experiencing art.

Learning how small details effected the overall understanding of the piece, as well as understanding the different levels of blindness was key. Overall the final design in fully inclusive for those with mild to severe visual impairments


Did you talk to any organizations when designing the Tactile Kits?

We worked with the Guild For The Blind where we conducted user testing. This was especially important since understanding the proper terminology when referencing textures and materials for the blind.


Can you tell me more about Haelo Design?

In the past, we have worked with independent architects, designers and psychologist. One of our more abstract past projects dealt with cognitive psychology and the understanding of  human perception.  Gestalt played a huge role!


Words Of Wisdom!

“The pleasures people experience when looking at art...should extend to our interactions with the objects and spaces we use and inhibit everyday.”