Assistant Director Of Senior Programs: Lucas Livingston

Address: 111 South Michigan Ave

Phone: 312 443 3600


October 4, 2012


Accessibility Tools


Audio Guide

  •     Director’s Tour
  •     American Art Tour
  •     Lion’s Trail Family Tour
  •     Collection Highlights

*Universal Design Spotlight!


Tactile Kits

    The composition and textures of select artwork is reproduced on a series of tactile plastic tiles





  • Designed Carrying Case
  • A color photograph
  • Large-type print description
  • Braille description



“First created in 2000, both curators and educators decided which art pieces to make tactile. This is essentially our Art Education and Art History departments. Color is conveyed by the different represented textures and material. Designed by Chicago based, Haelo Design. Manufactured in Joliet, IL.”


Solid Suggestions

“Some tactile tiles have too much detail which makes it hard for blind users from fully experiencing the piece. Is there a better solution for representing finely detailed artwork?”


Per Our Conversation…

Does the Art Institute Of Chicago work or consult with other museums when it comes to designing programs for the disabled?

We sometimes have joint relationships with outside design firms and museums. To name a few, we have worked with the Oriental Institute, Haelo Design, Catholic Guild For The Blind and the Children’s Museum.


Does the museum actively work with any non-profits?

We work with the Blind Service Association (BSA) to help provide its clients and volunteers a tour of the special exhibits. Through verbal descriptions, touch tours and tactile tool kits, we help bring art to the blind and visually impaired!


Do you have any observations in regards to accessibility in other museums?

A lot of art museums within the US are lacking, mainly because they have a designated person with disabilities that they design for. This model is usually a person who is elderly. This type of program design deliberately leaves out a wide range of people who are also disabled.


Words Of Wisdom!

“ If you want to design and make any system a reality, you have to prove to the public that it’s really needed. Know your audience. Design for your audience.”