interim Access OfficerMiranda Baxter 

Address: Trafalgar Square WC2N SDN

Phone: +44 (0)20 7747 2885

4 August, 2011

(2nd Interview)


Disability Equality Scheme


“Art Through Words creates a unique experience for visitors with visual differences. Through detailed and vivid art discussions, we try to give visitors a good sense of what the picture is portraying.”



  • Audio Guides
  • Stage Text
  • Subtitled Videos
  • Website Accessibility
  • Large Print catalogs

Stage text - Speech to text captioning that automatically adds subtitles to the bottom of the devices screen.”


Per Our Conversation…

What type of programs does the National Gallery offer?

We have so many! One of which is a Hospital Program, Take Art, where we take high quality reproductions to hospital bound children. The supported material range in accessibility features like large print, raised line, tactile paintings and braille.  In addition, we visit schools twice per term.  


Do you have a favorite?

The National Gallery creates select exhibits that  ignite all the senses by using period piece music and smells to match the art. Literally creating a picture through only smell, touch and sound. It is a particular helpful and fun program for those with sensory differences.

(Unfortunately, the Belle Shenkman music programme final performance was May 2015)


What are some features at the National Gallery that you wish were a bit more accessible?

I wish the audio guides were a bit more broken down for those with visual impairments. They tend to be less descriptive than the actual physical guides.  In addition, pertaining reading material are often set in awkward, hard to get to places which can affect a blind visitor’s experience.



Words Of Wisdom!

“Focus on the visually impaired and deaf when creating any type of reading material! They should be used as a standard when designing for the public.”