founder: Nick Leon

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12 August, 2011

(6th Interview)


 Observing and describing how people from particular cultural groups respond to their situations


Ethnographic Research:

Help Clients design products and services, develop resonant communications and bring behavioral programs to life.

Naked Eye Ethnographics:

Spending extended periods of time to paint a portrait of each individual while unearthing any unmet needs. Overall, trying to get a better understanding of each demographic.

Key Words: Personal Experience, Intimate, Empathy, Participation/Observation

Film Making: Storytelling, true accounts, memorable with strong and accurate research

Services Offered: New product development, Video productions, In-store research, Communication & Training



Department Of Health

Working with Opinion Leaders to understand what it is like to live with autism

"There were a variety of case studies. We observed different families by living with them for 3 days. This basically helped give us an idea about the different aspects of their lives and what day-to-day events affected them. All research helped shape the services we then presented to the Department Of Health."


Derbyshire County

Evaluating end of life services with people with chronic illnesses

"We conducted a 3 month study of people with chronic illnesses and very sensitive needs. The extensive time we spent with them, really helped with gaining trust and creating a relax and honest atmosphere.We also heavily focused on the carers who took care of the chronically ill."


Per Our Conversation…

What makes a successful research study?

Getting an idea and strong sense of where the other person is coming from is key. Understanding the heart of who your person or group is invaluable.

Overall, this will help with understanding ethical differences and will help configure different codes of conduct.

Whats the best part of doing these type of research studies?

With every family we work with, we are always touched and inspired by their deep inner strength. We are blessed to be able to spend time with them and afterwards we try to stay in touch.

We are very passionate about working with people’s experiences and exploring each and every subtle detail!

How do you get those your observing to relax and open up?

By approaching each individual and project with a personal feel, you're able to get honest responses. Using own experiences to connect and relate is also very important.


Words Of Wisdom!

“You learn more from what people conceal rather than reveal!”