FOLLOWING is an awareness-raising training seminar promoting better understanding and appreciation of how persons with disabilities learn to navigate in the complicated and busy world.  The series offers thinking constructs about individuals and their surroundings, evaluating indoor and outdoor urban landscapes, and apprehending challenges to safe pedestrian travel.  This workshop series is formatted to meet the flexible needs of all learning groups, from primary school pupils to university students, from medical experts to engineering specialists, and all manner of practitioners, public servants and family members.

FOLLOWING’s producer Phil Zukas, a vocational skill trainer and credentialed educator, is himself a person with a disability, and presents firsthand experiences about mobility, public access and advocacy networking.  His updated version of the workshop, “Close Your Eyes, Follow Me” includes discussion about “acceptable minimum safety standards” (AMSS) in the public realm, and a video presentation about using a service animal for going places.  “Close Your Eyes, Follow Me” was produced for the Massachusetts Human Services Providers’ Council annual conference in September 2017.


For more information about the FOLLOWING series and a fee list, or to schedule Phil for a presentation in your classroom or training calendar, please contact Phil Zukas at:

E-MAIL: or

PHONE:  774-202-6848