Director: Edward Richards

Address: Greville House, Lower Rd, Harrow HA2 0HB

Phone: +44 (0)20 7278 6716 

3 AUGUST, 2011  

(1st Interview)


Company Goals:

Memorable, Inexpensive, Inclusive Design, Relevant, Ethical

Key Word: Inclusive Design!

Key Website Feature: Options for accessible & alternative text and font 

Uses: Responsible printing

            • Fair trade printing & supplies that use vegetable oil as well as sustainable

Services Offered:

Branding, Design Solutions, Marketing Materials, Digital Media, Signage/displays, Print Management




  • Touch tour flyers in large print and Braille
  • Design is very modern, neat and informative


  • British Sign Language (BSL) for the deaf
  • Concept design poster and advertisement


Per our conversation...

How do you approach projects for the disabled?

Simply evaluate the audience's’ needs, talk directly to them and figure out the best solution!  Really, understanding and looking from their perspective and redesigning accordingly.

Do you ever face ethical compromises when working with other companies?

The bigger the organizations, then the more complicated. Fortunately, the British museums use access officers to better serve the disabled community and to ensure their needs are met.

A good example of a local business that is trying to be accessible would be…?

The Natural History Museum has several exhibits for the visually impaired and deaf. There’s audio descriptions, British Sign Language availability, video screens with subtitles…

What type of devices do you think are missing from the market?

More devices for the deaf community! We need tools and apps that pick up auditory speaking patterns and translates them into written word. This would drastically help those who can't hear or have difficulty with communication.


Words Of Wisdom!

"Never label a community and always evaluate the needs of your target consumer."