11/25/2013, Merrill Matthews, Contributor

Patient access to doctors is approaching a perfect storm of decreased physician supply, more demand for medical care—especially after Obamacare kicks in—and doctors increasingly refusing to see low-paying Medicare or Medicaid patients.  If the “promise” of Obamacare’s access tohealth care is to be kept, government will eventually have to force doctors to accept Obamacare-covered patients.  Because such a step would represent such a radical departure from physician autonomy, you might call it the “medical nuclear option.” 

To begin with, the U.S. is already facing a doctor shortage.  The Association of American Medical Colleges warns that the nation will face a shortage of 91,500 physicians by 2020.   With respect to family physicians, a study published in the Annals of Family Medicine predicted a primary care physician shortage of 52,000 by 2025...

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