Finding Out

My husband and I found out that our youngest son was deaf when he was around 3 months old. This news came after he spent a month in theNICU fighting for his life. He had passed the newborn hearing test that was given prior to him leaving the hospital, so when we were told the news, the shock was almost overwhelming.
The first thing that lead us to be concerned was the fact that our son would not turn his head to loud noises. He wouldn't get startled by the barking dog or a large truck that would go by the house. Babies have a natural reflex when they are startled. He never got startled. People could in and out of the door, there could be a lot of commotion, but the noises never seemed to bother him. Even his older brother running and hollering around the house didn't phase him.
At his 3 month check-up we brought our concerns to the doctor. At the time, we didn't actually believe that he was deaf but we felt that something was not quite right. The doctor set up a hearing test with the audiology department at the hospital. We went to the test and after, the doctor met with us to give us the news: Our son had profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. That meant that he had profound hearing loss in both ears. The damage was permanent and hearing aids may or may not help...
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