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If you suffer from depression, then this may well be the most important post you ever read. You might think I’m just blowing smoke, but hear me out. Give me a chance to show you how a tweak in the way you view your depression can steer you off a path that leads to a lifetime of relapses and onto a path that can lead to recovery.
Have you accepted that depression will always be a part of you?
In the last six years, I’ve met hundreds of people who suffer from depression, whether that be in group therapy, online forums, psych wards, through social media, and ever since I launched the Depression Is Not Destiny Campaign, often in the course of day to day life. Over this time, I carefully observed people’s mentality towards their depression, and one of the most common views I found people to have was that it was just a part of them. That while their life would not be without periods of happiness, that it would also be choked with periods of misery, and that no matter what they did, they’d never be far out of depression’s reach. Put another way, they’d accepted that they’d have to battle their illness for the rest of their life.
Now I can understand this mentality. When you’ve had several episodes of depression over a period of months or even years, it’s easy to think that it’s settled in for the long haul. That it’s just the way you are. That you’ll never be able to beat your demons, so the best you can do is learn to live with them. But even though I can understand it, whenever I meet someone who thinks this way, it breaks my heart.
Because as soon as you accept that depression will be a permanent feature of your life, then it always will be. 
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