by Tiffany Khoshaba
Everyone ought to speak. The goal of Aut2Speak is to make that more of a reality for those suffering from non-verbal autism.
Here's to the crazy ones!
While watching a documentary about autism I knew that there must be a better way for them to communicate. If you search youtube for 'autism typing' you can find video-after-video of children and adults who are now able to express themselves through keyboard typing. The problem is that the traditional keyboard was designed for and by those who do not suffer from Autism. I wondered how we could alter this so that it can expedite the process of tying, and thus communicating, for those we love with autism. I have created a wonderful keyboard that has many features. We need your support and we appreciate every dollar we can raise for this worthy cause.
 "It would be a shame not to nurture someone's intelligence just because they cannot express it". -Gail Gilbert
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