It's no secret that there's a collective perception in our society that being disabled is a bad thing. In a fair amount of people's minds, physical death would be a better alternative than having a disability would. Why? Because in their minds, facing the consequences of physical death would be much easier than facing the consequences of having a disability.
Who could blame anyone for thinking this way. Living life with disabilities can indeed be a very scary bitch!
Even though things have slowly improved for our segment of the population over the years, the world is still not completely designed with us or our needs in mind. Because of that, everything is harder for us. From living day to day, to taking care of ourselves, to "walking" around our neighborhood, to going to school, to getting a job to riding a bus or driving a car, to living on our own to having any kind of relationship whatsoever. Everything is harder if you have disabilities.
And then, there are the feelings that come along with living the disability life. Physical pain, frustration, anger, social prejudice, alienation, un-equality, un-acceptance and loneliness can be very hard to face. But, if one can conquer and move past these, 21 awesome things can happen. Read more about them below...