• October 7, 2013

As of August of this year, the unemployment rate of disabled people was twice that of nondisabled people (14% to 7%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Senator Tom Harkin, a champion for his disabled constituents, wants to change that with an initiative to increase the representation of young disabled people in the workplace, mirroring a push on the part of the federal government to equalize hiring practices. Is he going to be successful, and what might stand in his way?
One of the first problems he’ll need to overcome is the idea that being disabled means you can’t work or don’t want to work, a common misconception. When most people think of “disability,” they imagine an impairment that prohibits someone from engaging in activities of daily life, barring that person from the workplace; in fact, people may file for disability benefits or “go on disability” when they’re injured at work, underscoring the idea that disability means you can’t work.
via Care 2