Saturday, September 7, 2013 - 
I am happy to report that over the summer we have made real progress in our work on medicinal cannabis.  I truly believe that we are close to a breakthrough.
bedrocan-flosAt the beginning of the year we developed a new strategy which has proved very effective.  Instead of trying to run a high profile media campaign we decided to work on supporting individuals who have a clear and demonstrable medical need for cannabis.  This means getting support from their doctor and their MP and then seeking a prescription for a Bedrocan product and applying to the Home Office for a personal import licence. If, as is most likely, the application is refused, this could lead to issuing judicial review proceedings against the Home Secretary to show that the decision is irrational, not to say cruel and unjust.
So why have we adopted what is essentially a ‘behind the scenes’ strategy?
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