The Bolton News – August 28, 2013
by Brian Daniels,
National Spokesperson, CCHR United Kingdom
RECENTLY, there was media coverage on the number of antidepressants being consumed along with questions about whether they actually worked.
Although they were once reserved for the mentally disturbed, today it is difficult to find someone who has not taken one. Prescribed for everything from learning and behavioural problems, bedwetting, juvenile delinquency, aggression, criminality, drug addiction and smoking, to handling the fears and problems of the elderly,antidepressants are among the most widely prescribed on Earth.
Here are the recent statistics obtained from the NHS (National Health Service) Business Services Authority regarding their use. In England alone, over 27 million prescription items for antidepressants were dispensed in 2012, costing the National Health Service more than £73 million.
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