How does a young man lose his virginity when his arms and legs don't work? What's it like to be both gay and disabled? And is falling in love with your care worker ever a good thing?
Disabled panellists Asta Philpot, Daryl Beeton and Kirsty Liddiard talk sex and relationships with presenters Rob Crossan and Kate Monaghan.
Warning: This programme contains adult themes and some may find it an uncomfortable listen.
But the tone is friendly and informal. Parents of disabled teenagers might appreciate listening to this with their child as a helpful discussion-opener.

Here are some useful links so you can find out more about the people and subjects on talk show 100.
  • Asta Philpot, 32, is from Leeds. He can't use his arms or legs due to arthrogryposis and campaigns for access to sex for people in a similar boat via his personal website. In the 2007 BBC documentary, One Night Only, Asta took two disabled men to a specialist brothel in Spain where he had lost his virginity a year earlier (see Is it OK for disabled people to go to brothels? from the Magazine).
  • Kirsty Liddiard spoke to 25 disabled people about their sex lives for her PhD. She continues to specialise in this field at Rierson University in Toronto, teaching on the BA in disability studies course and she's on the board of directors at the Rose Centre for young adults with disabilities which, amongst other things, helps its clients with matters relating to sex.
  • Daryl Beeton runs Kazzum, a theatre company for young people. He is gay and has a mobility impairment. You may remember him as a contestant on BBC Two's Beyond Boundaries programme.
  • Regard is an organisation which supports people in the UK who are gay and disabled.
  • Fringe disability organisation Outsiders are concerned with "sexual freedom" and expression. They run an annual Sex Maniacs Ball - which isn't quite what the name suggests it might be.
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