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Dysfunction doesn’t run, it gallops through my family tree! Growing up in a home with parents who were depressed, anxious and with various other emotional problems, tends to create children with the same issues. I am a testament to just that. I have never felt normal. I was always very reserved, withdrawn, cried easily and often I just wanted to sleep. I had few friends. I still shy away from people.

Accepting You Have A Mental Illness Takes Time, Work

Truly accepting that you have a mental illness and separating the mental illness from your identity takes time and workNow in my fifties, those negative influences have left their indelible mark in my brain and I have had to fight for peace of mind because it was a virtue that was as elusive as a butterfly. A possession not long held. I am diagnosed with dysthymiaanxiety disorders and I am prone to bouts of depression with paranoia. I have accepted my condition and have sought help. I have a counselor and doctor who treats my symptoms. I go to groups now where I share how I feel and try to encourage others who feel as if their lives have been turned upside down with an invisible illness.

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