Submitted by DTN on June 19, 2013
Todd Morrison
Todd Morrison is a busy IT administrator showing off his skills in email migration, PC repairs and troubleshooting.  He also happens to be deaf, but he is leading with his work, not his disability.

Morrison landed his job through Big Tent Jobs, LLC, a national IT Executive Search firm that provides top talent to companies, including people with disabilities like Todd.  Big Tent Jobs helps employers understand the benefits of hiring professionals with disabilities, and the increased collaboration, flexibility and innovation they demonstrate, having learned to navigate physical and social challenges throughout their lives.

“Big Tent Jobs eased my employer’s uncertainty about me, and I don’t have to spend time convincing anyone to give me a chance. Instead, I’ve demonstrated that I, like many people with disabilities, can take care of myself, and employers should embrace us.”

Todd says he loves technology because it is a field that offers tremendous tools and technical advancements for all people, including those with disabilities.

Todd’s advice for disabled job seekers is to continue to demonstrate your skills and knowledge.

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