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Video: Many local authorities are restricting rehabilitation help for the blind

By Rhiannon Mills, Sky Reporter
Blind people are being left to fend for themselves - and in less than 10 years could have no support from local councils, a leading charity has warned.
The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) said there had been a 43% drop in the number of blind and partially sighted people getting even basic council support.
That is down from 55,875 people to 31,740 since 2005, according to the RNIB's Facing Blindness Alone study.
But the charity fears that in just 10 years' time not a single blind or partially sighted person will receive any support from their council if the trend continues.
The research also found that a growing number of local authorities are restricting access to rehabilitation or only offering a six-week course.
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