signs that depression is returningI’m a therapist and many of my clients struggle with some level of depression, ranging from deep depression to intermittent bouts of mild depression. The thing about a mood problem is that it can sneak up on a person.
For instance, there’s happy-go-lucky Sally, going about her daily business, taking the kids to the dentist, turning in her reports at work, consulting with her husband about dinner plans, and all the while the depression she has experienced in the past is plotting its insidious return. Sally remembers what it was like in college when she took to her bed and refused to get up, and she remembers depression striking again twice in her early 30s as she was embarking on a new career and again after the birth of her first child. All four times, she called a therapist, made deliberate life changes, and rebounded. Each time the depression returned, she was surprised and exasperated, thinking, “I thought I had beaten this thing!”
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