September 4, 2013
strangest mental disorders1. Landau-Kleffner syndrome
Landau-Kleffner syndrome is a psychological disorder that most commonly affects children between ages of five to seven years. Typically, it is expressed asa loss of ability to properly express their thoughts and understand spoken language. Some patients with this syndrome also experience cramps. There is no clear scientific explanation as to the cause of this disorder. The strangest fact is that children tend to successfully begin to develop language skills, but then gradually lose them. Some speech therapy techniques can help to cope with this disorder, but it is difficult to implement them.
2. Aboulomania
Aboulomania is not a well-known disorder. In essence, it is about pernicious attacks of indecision. Those suffering from this disease are normal people, both physically and mentally in almost any other respect, except when they find themselves in a situation when they have to choose. In these situations they have serious problems. Some people suffering from this disorder face extreme difficulties in their everyday life, they are often unable to do the simpliest things. For example, a simple thought about whether to go for a walk or not can completely knock them out of the rut. Many patients say they feel physically healthy, but imprisoned and deprived of their freedom of action.
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