why not everyone gets alzheimers
Posted:   |  Updated: 08/12/2013
Scientists are a step closer to understanding why not everyone develops Alzheimer'sas they get older.
While the exact cause of Alzheimer's is still not completely understood, it's generally observed that people with the condition have a buildup of plaques called amyloid-beta in their brains, as well as tangles of tau protein in inside neurons.
Researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine found that in order to create the beta-amyloid plaques that are so characteristic in the memory-robbing disease, an enzyme called BACE-1 has to first combine with a protein called amyloid precursor protein. This enzyme chops up the protein into little fragments. Therefore, the key to preventing these beta-amyloid proteins might involve separating the enzyme from the amyloid precursor protein.
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