In the recent New York Magazine 2012 Emmy issue, our TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz wrote about how the best shows are essentially turning viewers into shrinks. But why not turn to an actual expert? We had UCLA-affiliated psychiatrist Paul Puri diagnose TV’s most compellingly mental anti-heroes — and prescribe the treatments that might ease their conditions (but make their Emmy-nominated shows less interesting).
Character Name: Carrie Mathison 
Diagnosis: Bipolar I, traits of borderline personality disorder.
Symptoms: Periods of depression and mania, delusional thoughts, lack of personal boundaries, emotional instability.
Recommended Medications: Mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics.
Recommended Therapy: Mentalization-based therapy, “which helps you recognize mutually opposing beliefs in your head. Like, how do you process the fact that you’re studying this guy and you’re also sleeping with him?”
Character Name: Louie
Diagnosis: Mild depression, compartmentalization, self-sabotaging tendencies.
Symptoms: Suppressing parts of his personality, difficulty connecting with others, mild anger issues.
Recommended Medication: A low dose of antidepressants for a trial period.
Recommended Therapy: Role-playing as part of a broader program of psychotherapy. “He might rehearse different scenarios and tease out the things that he does to sabotage his relationships.”that he lived, that didn’t really exist yet.”
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