Posted: 08/12/2013 

How do people perceive and treat individuals with disabilities? Do they treat them with respect or disparagement? What is it like to experience ridicule, shame, disgrace, isolation, and rejection? While not all people do so, some nondisabled people do not empathize with disabled people and the challenges they face. Some feel uncomfortable being a friend to someone who is perceived differently. People who are not exposed to individuals with disabilities often do not realize that a disabled person, despite his or her disability, is just like a nondisabled person.

Everyone should ask themselves, what similarities and differences do I have with people who have disabilities? To what extent do people think individuals with disabilities are different? Nobody should be ostracized for something they have no control over. This is an issue I feel passionate about because I have a learning disability and have been a victim of disability discrimination. I have endured so many obstacles, but I am now an advocate for disability rights. Everyone should treat disabled individuals with respect, dignity, and concern.

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