By Mik Scarlet

When you meet Kelly Knox, it becomes instantly clear why her modelling career took off after she won the BBC competition Britain's Missing Top Model. With her feline looks, piercing blue eyes, perfect skin and lustrous blonde hair, Kelly really is model material. But what blows you away is her enthusiasm and passion.
"When I saw the advert for Missing Top model on Facebook, I thought yeah I can do this and thought I had what it takes to change peoples perceptions on disability. Initially, modelling wasn't the reason why. On my application, I put down that I wanted to inspire children who were born like me, other children with disabilities or children that were just slightly different from any other child. It wasn't until I started doing the modelling within the show that I thought I'm actually good at this, I love this and I want to continue to do this. I thought I had what it takes to go on this TV show, be a good model and to show them that even if you have a disability you can be a great model."
In the five years since being crowned the UK's Missing Top Model, Kelly has been featured in several major campaigns, including The New Think in Oslo, cover shoots for Marie Claire and Diva magazines, and most recently the latest Debenhams campaign against body image tyranny.
Kelly was also featured in P&G Beauty's Trends for 2013 fashion show, were she was flown out to Beijing.
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