Tuesday, 13 August 2013

UK: A deaf awareness tutor has urged hoteliers to undertake deaf awareness and sign language classes.
Consultant Ruthy Fletcher, who is deaf herself, says: "For many deaf or hard of hearing people, communication with hearing people can be frustrating and stressful. This is because of the huge communication barrier between speaking and signing. Some deaf people may feel unsettled to ask for help, or ask for some paper and a pen. As a deaf awareness tutor, I know that there are problems with communication barriers between hearing and deaf people within the workplace. I urge all hoteliers and accommodation providers to undertake deaf awareness training and basic sign language (BSL) classes to help to make deaf and hearing people have equally enjoyable experiences. "

Fletcher says that most hotels and tourism facilities have insuffcient facilities for deaf travellers. She says: "I have noticed that all the UK brochures and Tourism For All Open Britain 2011 Guide Book show very little information about facilities for deaf/hard of hearing people and we have to go through page after page to find a suitable hotel or accommodation provider that provides facilities and/or equipment for deaf and hard of hearing people. I have been going through thousands of brochures, and I continually find that there is very little support provided, which I felt was a bit unfair."

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