CakeSpy Note: Sweeties, here's an event that I think might interest you. If you're in LA, then very cool--you can attend! But even if not, it's an interesting event to read about. All photos are via the Depressed Cake Shop Pop Up page.
Where cake meets performance art meets do-gooding...there's the Depressed Cake Shop Pop-Up.
This is a pop-up baking event dreamed up by Emma Cakehead (a version of the pop-up has already happened in the UK and San Francisco, which collectively raised more than $10,000) at which bakers will be selling grey (as in the hue and the theme) cakes and artwork to bring awareness about mental illness and benefit NAMI Westside LA, an organization that educated, supports, and advocates to improve the lives of families and those afflicted with mental illness. 
An odd pairing? Perhaps not as much as it initially might sound. Many of the bakers who have gotten involved have battled their own demons with depression. They have been quite vocal about how baking has changed their lives for the better.
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