dementia symptoms
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Trouble recalling names is a common sign of old age. And now a new study suggests that simple tests measuring one's ability to recognize and name famous people such as Albert Einstein or Oprah Winfrey may help doctors identify early dementia in those 40 to 65 years old.
“These tests also differentiate between recognizing a face and actually naming it, which can help identify the specific type of cognitive impairment a person has,” said study author Tamar Gefen, a doctoral candidate in neuropsychology at the Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease Center of Northwestern University.
Gefen told Huff/Post50 that, although several tests have assessed knowledge of famous faces in the past, many have included stimuli unfamiliar to younger people (some even age 40) seeking neurologic assessment or treatment for early dementia.
"This test includes images of faces [like Oprah] that are appropriate for a younger generation," she said.
Gefen also said that if anyone has difficulty identifying a famous person, or even a close loved one, they should seek a formal evaluation from a neurologist.
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