August 7, 2013 by Arezu Sarvestani

Japan's Cyberdyne Inc. lands certification from a German-based medical device certifier, paving the way for the company's robotic exo-skeleton to march through Europe.
Cyberdyne's robotic exoskeleton heads to European markets
Germany may be about to get some new robots, courtesy of Cyberdyne Inc., a Japan-based robotics company developing mind-controlled exoskeletons for medical use, rescue support, manual labor and entertainment.
Parallels to the Terminator movies aside, the robotic technology has left a fairly hefty footprint in Japan in a short amount of time, suggesting a potentially similar market abroad.
The Robot Suit HAL (hybrid assistive limb) is described by the company as "a cyborg-type robot that can supplement, expand or improve physical capability." The device non-invasively captures nerve signals by detecting them on the skin as the brain transmit signals to the muscles of the body.
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