| July 10, 2013
What makes up a successful career as a sign language Interpreter? Logically, it depends on who is asked. Regardless of what is ultimately determined to be the magic ingredients, those interpreters who are the most successful and satisfied in their work are those who consistently seek out opportunities to grow as a professional.
While this growth may seem like it is only possible over time, and time being an important part, I believe there are steps one can take to establish a foundation for success.
Below you will find 5 simple steps that will add an important level of polish to your career.

 1.  A Pro bono Injection.

Commit to accepting pro bono assignments. Notice I didn’t say volunteer? This commitment consciously moves us past the concerns for payment and terms and reconnects us with the fundamental reason we signed up to do this work—supporting people.
There is a tremendous satisfaction in knowing your work as a sign language interpreter has made a difference. Probono work will rewarm the goo inside, which will do wonders for your perspective on the work and your role in it.
Pro bono grants perspective.

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