The most obvious legacy of London 2012 is the ubiquity of the word itself. But it is a word the Paralympic half of the Greatest Show on Earth was never keen on. “We prefer to talk about momentum rather than legacy,” said Tim Hollingsworth, the head of the British Paralympic Association. “Legacy suggests you’ve already achieved your aims. For us, this last year has been about capturing the momentum the Paralympics put in motion.”

“London provided this fantastic platform, but it was the starting point. Now we’re at the foot of the mountain. We know where we’re going, but we’re at the foot of the mountain.”

The British Paralympic Association’s job is to deliver the gold, which it did. Many of the most magical moments of that summer came long after Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps and the rest of the superstars had left Stratford. Three Paralympic athletes made it on the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year shortlist.

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