This is a sensitive, if not controversial discussion on why adults with severe mental and physical disabilities are not given chances to explore their sexuality.  

 In this short Vice video we meet a female medical sex worker who's job at the White Hand organization involve giving severely disabled clients non-intimate sexual relief. We also meet her client, a man with Cerebral Palsy (?).    

The mindset is that since sex is a basic human need, it should come as no surprise that despite whatever the disability, that sexual desire and yearning for closeness does not necessarily go away.  

 In turn, when the general public naively denies or refuses to acknowledge the very real sexual feelings of someone with Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Spina Bifida etc., they are also denying them a chance to be fully apart of society and enjoy/explore their own urges.   

This video is in Japanese so enabling the Youtube close caption (cc) is needed.   

[WARNING: This video does contain some graphic content. Although it is censored, viewer discretion is advised.]