By Disability Now 

Sleepless nights, the terrible twos, sibling rivalry, grumpy teenagers – it’s not surprising that parenting is said to be one of the hardest jobs in the world. Add being a disabled parent and having a disabled child into the equation and it's more complex, says Emma Bowler.
I have a rare disability called Kniest Syndrome which means I’m 4ft tall and don’t have the best mobility. I have two sons – Archie, aged eight, who also has Kniest and Ben, aged six, who doesn’t.
My initial parenting challenges were very practical – how would I get a baby in and out of a cot or highchair, bath him, or even get him from a to b?
I’m lucky to have a husband who is very handy: he adapted cots and scooters, and we found suitable products and tips via the internet, which has meant that I’ve always been a very hands-on parent.
But now both children are more independent and the practical challenges are being replaced with challenges that are more about meeting Archie’s social, emotional and medical needs. And finding a solution to these sorts of challenges is not quite so black and white.
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