30 July 2013 by 
Social work and some of its core principles i.e. social justice and advocacy are close to my heart. SJS appreciates when an individual in the community approaches us regarding an idea or issue that clearly meshes with these values. The interview below is with such an individual, Gary Dietz, who wants to further educate society about father’s experiences with their children who experience disabilities. His project has a unique approach in that it will be a book with a collection of personal essays and poems all about the male caregiver’s perspective.
Why you have chosen to write this book and why the focus specifically on fathers?
I am a father of a 13 year old boy who has an interstitial deletion of the lower arm of chromosome 13. That means that some of his genetic material is missing between some of his other chromosomes. There’s no fancy name for this deletion like there are for more common rare genetic issues. Read that again, it is indeed what I meant — some rare genetic issues are more common than others and the ones that are ultra-uncommon don’t usually have names.