12 May 2013

David Cameron has admitted that forcing disabled people out of their homes with his hated bedroom tax “makes no sense”.
The shock admission was made after the PM was asked to personally intervene in the case of Iris Henderson, 59, who was born with dwarfism.
Under the bedroom tax, Iris faces losing a quarter of her housing benefit unless she moves out of her specially adapted house.
She has spent thousands on her home to cater for her disability, including £4500 to have the appliances and units in her kitchen made lower.
In a letter, Cameron claimed tenants such as Iris, who suffers from arthritis and osteoporosis and needs crutches to walk, shouldn’t get full benefits while living in modified homes with spare bedrooms.
But he admitted in a letter to Iris’s MP Gregg McClymont that it made “no sense” for someone whose home had undergone big alterations to move.